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Comunicado geral - PLR

1/23/2015 10:00 PM Demarest News

Dear Clients,

We wish to remind you of how important it is to execute as soon as possible the Profit and/or Results Sharing Plan (PLR) for the assessment period corresponding to calendar year 2015 (January to December 2015), as its execution after the beginning of the assessment period may expose your company to social security risks in case of inspection by the Federal Revenue (if the amounts paid under the plan are considered amounts of salary nature, the payment of the social contribution on them will be required with fine and interest accrued).

This recommendation is also made in regard to Plans that do not follow the calendar year but are valid from the first months of the year.

We would be pleased to assist you in the implementation of a Results Sharing Plan for 2015.

Labor Department

Partners in the Labor Department

Cássia Pizzotti 55 11 3356-1710
Renato Canizares 55 11 3356-2173

Partners in the social security area
Rodrigo Campos 55 11 3356-1732
Marcello Pedroso 55 11 3356-1818

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