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Concessão de estacionamentos nas áreas públicas da cidade de São Paulo

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7/28/2015 9:00 PM Demarest News

Concession of parking Spaces and advertising in the city of São Paulo
Following the urbanistic changes established by the new Strategic City's Master Plan (approved by Municipal Law no. 16 050/2014), the Local Government of São Paulo passed Municipal Law no. 16 235, which provides for the concession of the public services of exploitation, management and conservation of parking spaces in public areas of the City of São Paulo.
The new law increases the options of concessions in all public areas of the City of São Paulo and revokes the previous law that limited the concessions to underground parking garages and parking lots located in the Sé and República Districts, besides the Ibirapuera Park.
The new municipal law intends to expand the Government's partnership with the private enterprise and is expected to attract private companies through up to thirty (30) years' concession agreements. The concessionaires' payment will come from the rates paid by the parking lot users as well as from the commercial exploitation of the granted areas and revenues from advertising at the parking space buildings and areas. 
Entrepreneurs interested in using the opportunity of such procurement contracts are required to meet the obligations set forth in the government notices; they will involve an urbanistic standardization by the concessionaires and will help implementing changes in the São Paulo landscape.
We have been monitoring the Local Government's discussions and actions about the new urbanization projects and public service concessions and are available to clarify any doubts you may have on the government's notices.
The full content of the new law can be obtained at the page of the City's Official Gazette (Diário Oficial da Cidade de São Paulo) at:
Demarest Advogados
​Renato Poltronieri ​+55 11 3356-1828
Paulo Dantas​ ​​+55 11 3356-2117
​Viktor Ruppini ​+55 11 3356-2291

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