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ANAC opens public hearing for new round of airport concessions

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5/10/2016 12:00 AM Demarest News


ANAC opens​ public hearing for new round of airport concessions​

The Public Hearing no. 09/2016, for the discussion about the initial draft of the notice to bid for new round of airport concessions, is opened since last Friday, May 6th. The new round will include the bidding of the airports Salgado Filho (SBPA), in Porto Alegre (RS); Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães (SBSV), in Salvador (BA); Hercílio Luz (SBFL), in Florianópolis (SC); and Pinto Martins (SBFZ), in Fortaleza (CE).

The hearing will be opened for 45 days and will count with 5 on-site sessions in the airport cities and in Brasília. The dates are: May 19th in Fortaleza; May 20th in Salvador; June 2nd in Porto Alegre; June 3rd in Florianópolis; and June 6th in Brasília.

Unlike the previous rounds, Infraero will not participate as a shareholder of the concessionaires. Besides, it will be possible for the same economic group to win the competition for more than one airport, as long as they are not in the same geographic area.

The same goes for economic groups that already operate one of the current concessions, as long as the stake of direct or indirect shareholders is less than 15%. These shareholders are also prohibited to undertake the control and participation in the management of future concessionaires in the first 5 years of the concession, in order to ensure the competition among the airports.

The main requirements outlined in the initial draft are:

  • the airport operator shall hold at least 15% of the participant consortium's share. It is possible to add up the participation of two operators, as long as each one of them individually fulfill the technical requirements for each airport;
  • airline companies can participate in consortiums, with a maximum of 2% participation;
  • the new concessionaires must pay 25% of the Fixed Contribution value to the National Civil Aviation Fund (FNAC) on the moment of signature of the agreements. The remaining 75% will be paid annually by means of the Annual Fixed Contributions, corrected by the IPCA index;
  • each concessionaire must provide 5% of their annual gross income to FNAC, for Variable Contribution;
  • the new concessionaires must foresee the beginning of a few immediate improvements outlined in the initial draft, concerning airport infrastructure (toilets, parking lots, conditioning, wi-fi, etc.).  

The minimal grant values for this round sum to BRL 4,111 billion and the estimated investments to BRL 6 billion.  ​

Our infrastructure Team is ready to provide legal assist in all phases of this new round of concessions. ​

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