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Brazilian Government establishes International Trade Regulatory Agenda for 2018 and 2019

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8/13/2018 12:00 AM Demarest News

Brazilian Government establishes International Trade Regulatory Agenda for 2018 and 2019 

CAMEX Resolution n°52 was published on August 10 and approves the Regulatory Agenda for Brazilian International Trade at the biennium 2018-19. The Agenda was elaborated considering the necessity to reinforce the use of regulatory good practices and stablished regulatory priorities, which will affect the foreign trade.  

The Agenda is structured on 8 topics, listed below. Each topic contains several normative acts that will be elaborated, revised or revoked to promote a cohesive, coherent and transparent regulatory system. Below, we highlight some normative acts among the indicated topics:  

Topic 1 – Tariffs and foreign trade procedures: (i) revision of CAMEX Resolution n°66/2014 to improve the rule that regulates temporary and exceptional reduction of the Import Tax rate, by the Ex-Tarifário system, in order to make the process faster and more efficient; and (ii) amendment the Decree n° 660/1992 and Brazilian Federal Revenue normative instructions in order to establish new import dynamics, to be initiate by Programa Portal Único de Comércio Exterior.  

Topic 2 – Technical and sanitary regulations: (i) revision of normative acts with conformity assessment and technical regulation of various products, such as collagen products, appliances and others; (ii) elaboration of a normative act that provides for the prohibition of veterinary medicinal products residues in imported meat; and (iii) food labelling.

Topic 3 – Defense products: elaboration of a new National Regulation for Exportation of Defense Products.

Topic 4 – Export financing and guarantees: (i) restructuring of the Export Guarantee Fund (FGE); (ii) update of the Decree that created the Export Financing and Guarantee Committee (Cofig); and (iii) update of the Ordinance that regulates the Proex Equalization

Topic 5 – Trade Defense and rules of origin: (i) revision and updating of the Brazilian Safeguards Regulation, as a result of the public consultation on the draft of the new regulation and implementation of the 19th Additional Protocol to Economic Complementation Agreement N°18, between Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, dated as of  December 17, 1997, which regulates safeguard measures to imports from non-MERCOSUR countries; (ii) updating of the Decree that regulates compensatory measures; and (iii) expanding the list of entities authorized to issue a Digital Certificate of Origin and expanding the number of countries that use the certificate in Latin America.

Topic 6 – Export Processing Zones: revision of the legislation, which regulates tax, exchange and administrative regimes of Export Processing Zones, with the implementation of flexible deadlines and less bureaucracy.

Topic 7 – Logistics and infrastructure: (i) update of the procedures for issuance of licenses for national logistic companies that transport goods by road in South America; (ii) update of the Mercosur Regulations for road transportation of hazardous products; (iii) National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels will elaborate new regulations and consolidate existing rules related to the import and export of petroleum products and biofuels. 

Topic 8 – Government Procurement and Services: (i) review of Complementary Law 116 of 2003, in order to expand the definition of export services, so that all types of services are comprehended; (ii) revision of the MDIC Order n° 210 of 2012, which regulates services eligible for the granting of ACC and ACE; (iii) amendment of Law 8.666 of June 21, 1993, in order to establish, in a single regulatory framework, all bidding rules and procedures, revoking other normative acts; and (iv) proposal to amend Law 10.865/2004, which established PIS/PASEP Import and COFINS - Import. 

The Brazilian business environment and the activities related to the county's Foreign Trade will benefit from the implementation of the Regulatory Agenda. 

The international Trade and Customs Team is at your disposal.  

Demarest Advogados

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