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Governo anuncia Novo Pacote de Concessões

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6/9/2015 9:00 PM Demarest News

Brazilian Government announces a new round of Public Concessions
The Brazilian Federal Government has announced today, June 9th, a new package of public concessions in the infrastructure area, as part of the Brazilian Logistics Investment Plan.
Aiming to increase the economic growth, the government announced public concessions of toll roads, railroads, ports and airports. The  expected investments for the package amount up to BRL BRL198.4 bn, divided into toll roads (BRL 66.1 bn), railroads (BRL 86.4 bn), ports (BRL 37.4 bn) and airports (BRL 8.5 bn).
• The toll roads will be granted under the lowest fare criterion.
• Four are expected to be offered still in 2015: BR-476/153/282/480 (PR-SC), BR-163/230 (MT-PA); BR-364/060 (MT-GO); and BR-364 (GO-MG).
• The second stage includes 11 new projects, in a total of 4.371 km of toll roads in
  •  Pernambuco (access to the Suape Port);
  •  Bahia (stretch of BR-101);
  •  Minas Gerais (BR-262/381);
  •  São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Rio-Santos highway);
  •  Santa Catarina (BR 470/282, BR 280 and a stretch of BR 101);
  •  Rio Grande do Sul (stretches of BR/101/116/290/386);
  •  Mato Grosso do Sul (BR 267 and BR 262); and
  •  Roraima and Mato Grosso (BR 364). 
• There will also be new investments made in existing concessions, by means of review of the economic and financial balance of the existing concession contracts.
• The concession model to be adopted will be chosen according to the characteristics of each railroad, among biddings by the highest granting price, lowest fare or sharing of investments.
• BRL 7.8 bn on stretches of Norte-Sul railroad, which connects Palmas (TO) to Anápolis (GO) and Barcarena (PA) to Açailândia (MA); and BRL 4.9 bn between Anápolis (GO), Estrela D'Oeste (SP) and Três Lagoas (MS).
• BRL 7.8 bn on the Rio-Vitória railroad,BRL;
• BRL  9.9 bn on the railroad between Lucas do Rio Verde (MT) and Mirituba (PA); and
• BRL 40 bn for the Brazilian stretch of Bioceânica railroad, which connects the central region Brazil to the Pacific Ocean (with 3.5 thousand km of extension).
• Total investment of BRL 11.9 bn in 50 new leases;
• BRL 14.7 billion in 63 new authorizations for Private Use Terminals (TUPs); and
• BRL 10.8 billion in anticipated renewals of existing leases.
• First pack: investments of BRL 4.7 billion and 29 terminals, 9 of those is Santos (SP) and 20 in the state of Pará, in the cities of Vila do Conde, Belém, Outeiros, Santarém and Belém-Barcarena.
• It is expected that the first pack will be offered in two stages still in 2015, under the criterion of granting price.
• Second pack: 21 terminals and BRL 7.2 billion in investments.
• The second pack will probably be offered only in the first semester of 2016 and will bring the ports located in Paranaguá, Itaqui, Santana, Manaus, Suape, São Sebastião, São Francisco do Sul, Aratu, Santos and Rio de Janeiro.
• Seven regional airports: Araras, Jundiaí, Bragança Paulista, Itanhaem, Ubatuba, Campinas (Amarais), all in the state of São Paulo; and in Caldas Novas, in the state of Goiás, involving a total investment of BRL 7.8 billion.
• Four other Infraero terminals (expected to be offered in the first quarter of 2016): Fortaleza (CE) (investment of BRL 1.8 billion), Salvador (BA) (3 billion), Florianópolis (SC) (1.1 billion) and Porto Alegre (RS) (2.5 billion).
Our team is keeping close track to the development of these projects and is available to provide any additional support and clarification needed.
Demarest Advogados
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+55 11 3356-2117
Pedro Martins
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Clarice Cortez
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