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Iniciada ontem investigação antidumping nas importações brasileiras de borracha originária da União Europeia

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5/27/2014 9:00 PM Demarest News

Brazil initiates anti-dumping investigation on imports of styrene-butadiene rubber polymerized in cold emulsion (E-SBR), originating in the European Union


The Secretariat of Foreign Trade initiated yesterday, May 26, an anti-dumping investigation on imports of styrene-butadiene rubber polymerized in cold emulsion (E-SBR), classified under the MCN codes 4002.19.11 and 4002.19.19, originating in the European Union (EU).
The investigated product is mainly used in the manufacturing of vehicle tires, footwear, rubber hoses, conveyor belts and other rubber products.
If the dumping practice is confirmed, the importers importers of these products should bear a surcharge, in the amount of the anti-dumping duty to be imposed. For initiation purposes, the calculated dumping margin is US$/ton 63,07 or 2,8%. The Petitioner of the investigation is Lanxess Elastômeros do Brasil S/A. 
The notice of initiation states that parties that were not identified as interested parties by the authorities and are willing to be qualified as such in the proceeding should request such qualification up to 20 days from the date of the publication, indicating its representatives. 
Finally, the Secretariat of Foreign Trade (SECEX) selected the main producers and exporters of the investigated origins to send the questionnaires, which must be answered within 30 days to be taken into consideration in the preliminary determination.

The Portuguese version of the official initiation can be found here.

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