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Lembrete - Prazo para contribuição sindical patronal

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1/21/2014 10:00 PM Demarest News

Dear Clients,
This is a reminder that the deadline for payment of the employers' association dues (associations representing the companies/employers) is January 31, 2015.
The payment of the employers' association dues is mandatory, regardless of whether your company is a member of any employers' association or not, and is proportional to the company's capital. Branches located in any other place in Brazil not covered by the association representing the company's headquarters are also required to make the payment.

The late payment of the employers' association dues exposes companies to a penalty of 10% of the principal contribution amount for the first 30 days of delay, and a 2% penalty for each additional month, plus inflation adjustment of 1% monthly.
We are at your service in case you have any doubt.

Demarest Advogados
Labor and Employment

Cássia Pizzotti 55 11 3356-1710
Renato Canizares 55 11 3356-2173


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