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Redução do Imposto de Importação para Indústria Nacional: aprovado novo regulamento sobre a concessão de Ex-Tarifário

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8/18/2014 9:00 PM Demarest News

Reduction of the Import Duty for the National Industry: Approved the New Regulation for the Ex-Tariff Concession


The Ex-tariff (Ex-tarifário), mechanism that provides temporary reduction of the import duty for capital, TI and telecommunication goods, when there is no national production, had its regulation changed last week.

The new regulation, published on August 15th by CAMEX Resolution nº 66/2014, replaced the previous regulation (CAMEX Resolution nº 17/2012), and brought significant amendments to the proceeding. Overall, the proceeding is more detailed and transparent, with clearer stages and deadlines.
Not only the requested information is better specified and the actors of the decision process have clearer assignments, but the procedure for the parties to be given an opportunity to confront the pleading was also detailed. For example, there is now a mandatory public consultation, in a period of 30 calendar days, so that domestic manufacturers of equivalent products or associations can present their submission about the pleading.
The new forms were already made available by Brazil's MoT (MDIC): not only the one for new requests, but also those for the submission of national production, to amend the Ex-tariff text, or to request its renewal or revocation.
Demarest Advogados
International Trade and Customs team
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Source: Demarest Advogados - International Trade Team.

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