ANS announces institution of a Technical Chamber to discuss important topics related to HMO and service providers

On November 26, the Brazilian National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) passed Rule DIDES No. 6/2021, which institutes the Permanent Technical Chamber for Contracting and Relationship with Service Providers (CATEC).

This Technical Chamber is intended for discussions on relevant issues that impact the relationship between Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and service providers, with a focus on compliance with the rules introduced by Law No. 13,003/2014. CATEC will not discuss the following topics: (a) readjustments of services contracted between HMOs and health service providers; and (b) readjustment index defined by ANS to be applied by health care plan operators to their health care service providers in specific situations, known as the quality factor – “QF”.

CATEC will consist of (a) a presidency, headed by the Sector Development Officer; (b) a secretariat, administered by the Manager of the Sector Analysis and Contracting with Providers area; and (c) invited members. Regarding the invited members, the new rule presents a list composed by associations, unions, professional councils, among others that will be invited by letter.

Finally, CATEC’s first online meeting was scheduled for Monday, November 29. CATEC members must register by accessing the ANS portal at this link. Access to the event will be made available after registration has been completed. Other interested parties will be able to follow the broadcast live (without interaction) through the ANS channel on YouTube. Click here to access the channel.

Demarest’s Life Sciences team is entirely available should you need any further clarification on this matter.