Brazil approves norm on Internet of Things

Decree No. 9.854/2019 (“Decree”) has recently been published in the Federal Gazette, establishing the National Plan for the Internet of Things (“IoT Plan”), whose purpose is the implementation and development of the infrastructure for the Internet of Things in Brazil.

The Decree defines the Internet of Things (“IoT”) as “the infrastructure that integrates the provision of value-added services with physical or virtual connection capabilities of things with devices based on existing information and communication technologies and their evolution, with interoperability“.

In general terms, the objectives of the Decree are the following:

  • Improve people’s quality of life and promote efficiency gains in services, through the implementation of IoT solutions.
  • Promote the development of professional skills related to the development of IoT applications and the creation of jobs in the digital economy.
  • Increase productivity and encourage competitiveness in Brazilian companies that develop IoT, by promoting an ecosystem of innovation in this sector.
  • Seek partnerships between the public and private sectors for the implementation of IoT.
  • Increase Brazil’s integration into the international scene of IoT solutions, through international cooperation in research, development and innovation.

The economic environments prioritized for applications of IoT solutions will be indicated by an act of the Minister of State for Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications based on criteria of supply, demand and local development capacity. Such act shall indicate, at least, the health, urban, industrial and rural environments.

The Decree also provides for the creation of the Management and Monitoring Chamber for the Development of Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things Communication Systems (“IoT Chamber), which will be the advisory body responsible for monitoring the implementation of the IOT Plan.

Among the attributions of the IoT Chamber are:

  1. the monitoring and evaluation of implementation initiatives;
  2. promotion and partnership between public and private entities; and
  3. actions to stimulate the use and development of IoT solutions, among others.

The IoT Plan entered into force on June 26, 2019.

In conjunction with the National System for Digital Transformation that establishes the governance structure for the implementation of the Brazilian Strategy for Digital Transformation, instituted by Decree No. 9.319/2018, the IoT Plan can provide a competitive environment in the Brazilian market and promote the expansion of business opportunities offers and technological development.

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