Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day, which takes place on January 28 around the world, is a global effort to raise awareness on the importance of privacy and data protection, highlighting different ways to protect personal data and to demonstrate to companies and organizations that privacy has the power to maximize your profits and stimulate your business.

In the Brazilian context, privacy and data protection have gained special attention status with the recent entry into force of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD). Along with this has emerged new obligations, penalties, but also opportunities for the development of greater credibility with the consumer, which has lead us increasingly to advise our clients seeking compliance in the most effective way.

Regarding adaptation to the LGPD, especially considering the August 2021 deadline, when sanctions may be imposed by the National Data Protection Authority, companies are concerned with quickly and practically understanding what needs to be done, establishing priorities, and creating privacy culture awareness programs. Some examples of what we can do:

Privacy Check Assessment (PCA):

  • analysis methodology that aims to optimize your organization’s time and promote assertiveness in identifying priority measures for privacy and protection of personal data;
  • focus (i) on strategic people in the organization, (ii) on the standards for handling personal data and (iii) on the specific routines of our clients.

Awareness Plans:

  • webinars;
  • targeted workshops;
  • quizzes conducted with employees;
  • recorded or live training;
  • chat circles to answer specific questions; and
  • training that can be carried out on demand.

Our Data Privacy, Technology and Cybersecurity team is available for any further clarification.

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