Demarest launches initiative focused on startup activities

The new operation involves partners and lawyers from different practice areas dedicated to new business models led by startups

Mindful of the constantly changing world in which we live, Demarest has created the Disrupt initiative, which brings “disruption” into the legal world, breaking away from traditional law standards with innovative, creative solutions and keeping up with technological changes and advances.

The new model brings with it the offer of legal advice and solutions for both entrepreneurs and investors interested in the new opportunities created by startups, as well as for regular clients who look to such companies for solutions to their technology and innovation demands.

With this, Demarest plans to offer a series of innovative services, including bringing startups closer to partner incubators, intensifying its mission to foster new businesses and serving as a hub between startups and investors.

“We have long served several clients of different sizes in the technology area, including multinational giants. Disrupt externalizes this acumen to make business happen, but in a more structured way”, explains Daniel Caramaschi, coordinator of the initiative.

Demarest will make available all of its know-how across various practice areas to meet the legal needs of startups, from choosing an ideal corporate structure to compliance and LGPD matters, as well as labor, litigation and social security issues, among many others.

Aware of the different circumstances of companies in this segment, which are often in the initial stages and depend on fundraising, the firm will offer fees that are flexible and adaptable to the reality of each company and investor.

“Technology and innovation are segments that are already in Demarest’s DNA. An example is our pioneering work in implementing the SAP system in the Brazilian legal environment. We are equally proud of our internal work focused on information security, recently recognized with ISO 27001”, comments Paulo Coelho da Rocha, Managing Partner of the firm.