Demarest Privacy Policy

Demarest Advogados (“Demarest“) is concerned to respect and safeguard your privacy. Thus, with the commitment and transparency that characterize its activities, Demarest issues this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy“) to inform and clarify how and for what purpose the Processing of your Personal Data provided to Demarest may occur in accordance with the applicable legislation in Brazil.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to be aware of how and for what purpose your Personal Data may be collected by Demarest. It is important that the Privacy Policy be interpreted together and in accordance with any other document, agreement or privacy clause that accompanies it, as the case may be, and without adverse effects to the professional secrecy applicable to Demarest relationship with its clients, pursuant to the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the Brazilian Bar Association. 


“Personal data” means information about an identified or identifiable natural person. 

“Processing” means any operation carried out with Personal Data such as that relating to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, handling, filing, storage, disposal, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction;

The Processing of your Personal Data may be performed by Demarest through your consent, where applicable, on various media, by legal, regulatory, contractual or other obligations. Demarest may require you to provide written consent or confirm your consent by any means where necessary.

The purpose of the Processing of your Personal Data collected is to enable and/or improve the provision of legal services for which Demarest was hired, as well as:

  • To identify and/or offer you relevant content about a particular preference and/or interest expressed by You to Demarest, including, without limitation, newsletters, events, invitations, reminders, thank-you notes, among others;
  • To create a database of Demarest suppliers and service providers;
  • To populate a database with candidates for job vacancies, internship and provision of services at Demarest;
  • To create a database of employees, Alumni members, committees and other groups;
  • To create data record for suppliers and execution of related contracts/agreements;
  • To protect, advocate and manage the interests of Demarest;
  • To comply with applicable legislation;
  • To notify you of changes to this Privacy Policy;
  • To comply with any other claim You have made to Demarest.

Demarest may store your Personal Data for the time needed to fulfill the purposes outlined above, as well as for compliance with the law or any rule applicable, as the case may be. To determine the manner and duration of the Processing of your Personal Data by Demarest, the nature of your Personal Data provided to Demarest and the purpose of the Processing will be considered.

Demarest will not market your Personal Data. However, your Personal Data may be shared with third parties in Brazil or abroad in order to adequately fulfill the purposes listed above, as well as to comply with a court order or decision of any other competent authority to do so, according to applicable law. In all cases, Demarest undertakes to strictly share Personal Data that may be necessary to fulfill the respective purpose or to comply with the respective specific order, as the case may be.


Demarest and any third parties with whom your Personal Data may be shared comply with security standards required to prevent and remedy unauthorized access to Personal Data, using the applicable means and recommended security standards to protect every data, to the extent where such means are technically and operationally feasible.


Demarest may offer links to redirect to third-party websites for the purpose of improving your browsing experience, information or service provision. Demarest clarifies that this Privacy Policy does not apply to Personal Data You Provide to any companies, individuals and/or organizations other than Demarest. Such persons, whether individuals or legal entities, may adopt different policies related to privacy and information with respect to Personal Data collected by them and otherwise processed.

Demarest suggests consulting the privacy policy applicable to such persons and/or third parties’ websites prior to provide your Personal Data.


If you wish to access, change or delete your Personal Data provided to Demarest, please contact us by e-mail and we will take the necessary action and/or answer you within a reasonable time, according to Demarest technical and operational feasibility. Demarest may also ask You to update your Personal Information from time to time.

If You do not agree with this Privacy Policy, wish to delete any Personal Data processed by Demarest or obtain further clarification on the application of this Privacy Policy and your rights, please contact us by email We will gladly clarify any doubts and/or answer your request.

Finally, if you have received a communication from Demarest and would rather not have received it, please let us know through the “Unsubscribe” link on the respective email, or send us an email to

The purpose of Demarest will be to meet all the above demands as soon as possible.


All Personal Data processed by Demarest will be in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the aforementioned purposes.

Demarest reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy in whole or in part at any time by entering the latest update date as indicated below.

Please refer to this Privacy Policy from time to time to check for any changes. Use of Demarest website or the provision of Personal Data by any other means assumes your agreement with this Privacy Policy.

Last update: 12/17/18