Regulatory Impact Analysis development within the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency

The Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (“ANVISA”) postponed the deadline to submit the contributions on the new review of the Agency’s Impact Analysis Guide (“Guide”). The Guide is intended to support ANVISA’s decision-makers to develop a more effective and eficiente regulation through the so called Regulatory Impact Analysis (“AIR”).

In brief, the AIR is a regulatory management tool used by the public decision-markers in order to conduct their regulatory performance over the regulated sector. This tool has been very discussed lately by the regulated sector, society in general and public authorities considering that the relationship between the AIR and a country’s economic and social performance is directly related.

The AIR also establishes the social participation as a way to contribute to the transparency of the regulatory process and to the dialogue between government, the regulated sector and society in general.

Once ANVISA has the challenge of sensitizing its inside departments about the importance of the AIR in the process of decision-making in order to increase the quality of their regulation, the regulated sector have an opportunity to participate in the regulatory process contributing with arguments and scientific and economic evidences that can support the decion-makers and lead them to chose the best regulatory option.

The Public and Regulatory Law team encourages all the society to submit their contribution to the review of ANVISA’s Guide, which may be done online through the link