Privacy, Technology and Cybersecurity

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People and companies are increasingly dependent on technology on a daily basis. This phenomenon significantly expands the demand for qualified Privacy, Technology and Cybersecurity services for a wide range of sectors.

In line with this scenario, we have brought together a group of highly specialized partners and lawyers who work to advise clients, in a practical and efficient way, on various topics, including Digital Law, Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence.

Among our services are:

  • — mapping of personal data flows, recommendations regarding appropriate legal bases and risk mitigation;
  • drafting and revision of several documents, such as:
    • terms of use;
    • privacy policies;
    • contracts;
    • terms of consent;
    • privacy impact reports;
    • international data transfer contracts;
    • cookie policies; and
    •  Data Processing Agreements (DPAs).
  • consulting on incidents of personal data leakage, advising our clients in a preventive capacity as well as during the course of incidents;
  • crisis management resulting from security incidents;
  • preparing notification of security incidents to the National Data Protection Authority and data subjects;
  • training and capacity building on legal norms and organizational policies on data processing, use and information sharing;
  • advice on data governance and artificial intelligence;
  • awareness of best practices and ethical conduct in the digital environment;
  • advice on privacy, security and ethics by design;
  • legal advice on marketing practices involving personal data, use of personal data in regulated sectors and on the use of databases (big data) and technologies related to the Internet of Things (IoT);
  • consultancy and measures related to electronic crimes and fraud on the Internet, as well as in the analysis, extraction and preservation of electronic evidence and defenses in administrative and judicial proceedings.