Partner of Demarest’s Social Security practice area, Rodrigo Ramos de Arruda Campos holds a bachelor’s degree in law from USP. He concentrates his practice in social security planning and prevention, with a strong background in consulting and administrative litigation, assisting companies that range from industries to service providers in drafting profit sharing plans, stock option plans and workers compensation in relation to occupational accidents or diseases, as well as all issues related to social security and social contributions.

 Advising several clients on routine social security matters, including not only bureaucratic aspects of eSocial and GFIP, but also regarding the identification of opportunities in the discussion of the composition of calculation bases of social contributions.
 Advised and advising more than 50 clients, from industrial, commercial and service segments, in preventive consulting and administrative and judicial procedures that concern the validity of Profit Sharing Plans (PLR). Total value involved exceeds BRL 1 billion.
 Advises industries (especially automotive and electronics) in regressive actions filed by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) due to occupational accidents and in actions between employees and INSS, aiming at reducing the Accident Prevention Factor – FAP.
 Advises numerous clients in administrative and judicial procedures regarding the Occupational Accident Insurance and the Accident Prevention Factor (SAT and FAP).
 Advised numerous clients in the settlement of more than BRL 300 million in social security assessments, by means of adhesion to the Special Tax Regularization Program (PERT), culminating in savings of more than 50% on the amounts.

 Bachelor of Laws from the University of São Paulo – USP, Largo São Francisco Law School, São Paulo, Brazil (1997)

 Member of the Labor and Social Security Committee of the Center for Studies of Law Firms (CESA)

 Author of the article “O equívoco da incidência previdenciária em custos com educação”, O Estado de S. Paulo, February 15, 2019.
– Author of the article “O custo Brasil e as ações acidentárias”, Jota, February 7, 2019.
– Author of the article “Social Security And the Brazilian Expatriated Worker”, Mondaq, February 16, 2015.
– Author of the article “Profit Sharing in Brazil – Differentiation and Disproportionality”, Mondaq, April 24, 2015.
– Author of the article “O Risco no Seguro contra Acidentes de Trabalho”, in the book “Contribuições Sociais em Debate”, organized by Michel Cutait Neto and Wagner Balera, JH Mizuno, 2003.

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