Partner of the Demarest’s Corporate Finance area, Alessandra Helena Garcia Albergaria Pereira is a Master in Bank and Finance Law and a Bachelor in Laws by PUC-Campinas. Among her main clients are financial or non-financial companies that act in the cards market in Brazil, among them banks, stock and exchange brokers, private companies receivers of foreign investments, and others. Specialist in matters related to banking regulations, specially regulation from the Central Bank of Brazil, focused on matters related to exchange control, foreign investment in Brazil and Brazilian investment abroad, importation, exportation, constitution and operation of Brazilian financial institutions, project finance and other banking matters, financial and contractual. Author of the chapter of Foreign Investment of the Book “Business Laws of Brazil”, published by Thomson West.

Master’s Degree in in Bank and Finance Law by Boston University, Boston, USA (2000)

— Author of the Foreign Investment chapter of the Business Laws of Brazil (Published by Thomson West).

Bachelor in Laws by the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC-Campinas), Campinas, Brazil (1996)

Portuguese and English