Skillful negotiator and experienced in the preparation of M&A agreements, Antonio Giglio Neto
focuses, since 2005, on private financial operations, bilateral and syndicated operations of credit
and restructuration of debts, in the domestic and international spheres, banking regulation,
derivatives and futures market, in stock changes and counter market operations, BNDES, trade
finance and project/infrastructure finance and capital markets of international debts, among
others. Is part of the Permanent Commission of Banking Law Studies of the São Paulo Lawyers
Institute (IASP). Following the conclusion of his Masters in London, where he specialized in Banking
and Finance Law, Antonio Giglio Neto worked as an internal lawyer in the Treasury of the financial
group Halifax Bank of Scotland (current Lloyds), also in London, involving himself in Capital and
Securitization Market, of continental and global reach, including the United States. Worked as an
intern many years in the corporate and mergers and acquisitions area, assisting relevant
multinational groups on the beginning of their operations in Brazil, as well as on important
operations of acquisitions of companies in the Country. During this phase, had contact with the
various areas of Corporate Law, what conferred him multidisciplinary knowledge.


– Assisted an international group of the aluminum industry, including the corresponding Brazilian subsidiary, in global refinancing operation of the group’s indebtedness and the concession of new financings to certain companies of the group, in the total amount of US$ 230 million

– Assisted China Construction Bank (Brazil) Banco Múltiplo S.A., through its subsidiary in Cayman Islands, in relation to the issuance of subordinated perpetual notes, eligible to the classification as Additional Tier I Capital, in the total amount of US$ 70 million

– Assisted Dakang (HK) Holdings Limited on various operations of exportation anticipated receiving executed with Fiagril Ltda., in the total amount of US$ 121 million

– Acted as deal counsel on a syndicated loan operation in the total amount of R$ 20 million granted to Avista S.A. Administradora de Cartões de Crédito by a local syndicate formed by Santander Bank (Brasil) S.A. and Caixa Geral Bank – Brasil S.A. The operation was formalized by means of the issuance of Bank Credit Notes (“CCBs”), secured by the fiduciary assignment of credit rights held against credit card holders

– Acted as deal counsel on the restructuration of the bank debt of Scalina Group, previously to its acquisition by Lupo S.A.

Academic Qualifications

– Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance Law by King’s College of London, University of London, London, England (2005)

– Specialization in Business Administration by Getúlio Vargas Foundation (CEAG), São Paulo, Brazil (2003)

– Graduation by the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University São Paulo (PUC-SP), São Paulo, Brazil (1999)


Portuguese, English and Spanish