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“Demarest has a long-standing institutional relationship with Cravath and we have already had other associates in secondment there. Having completed an LL.M. in New York and, at the time, having sought experience in an American firm, I naturally went after the opportunity.

The experience is excellent and the day-to-day life does not differ much from Brazil. It is interesting to understand how firms work and what their clients expect. It is also fascinating to observe the relationship between partners and associates and the immense contributional role that the administrative team plays in the result of the work.

I appreciate that, as important as an LL.M. is, to also have an opportunity to work outside Brazil is equally important. The combination is incomparable: in just two years, I believe it is possible to establish new friendships, qualify academically, improve language skills and see from within how an American firm works. Leaving one’s comfort zone in both personal and professional settings is important for growth.

I have been at Demarest since October 2013 and this experience has brought me personal and professional maturity. “