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CADE received 4 stars in GCR´s ranking

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20/08/2013 21:00 Demarest News

​The Administrative Council for Economic Defense - CADE was classified with 4 stars by Global Competition Review - GCR magazine, which, based on surveys carried out in 2012, compiled a ranking of the most efficient antitrust authorities in the world. 
CADE occupies the ninth position in GCR's 2012 ranking, preceded by the antitrust authorities from USA (Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission), France, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and European Union.
Such classification is based upon the assigning of a number of stars (1 to 5) as a result of the overall performance of the authorities. 
GCR has sought to emphasize the brilliant manner in which the Brazilian authority has handled the transition period from the old law (Law n.º 8.884/94), to the new antitrust law, (Law 12.529/2011).The strengthen in cartel fighting policies, and the quickness of CADE's decisions in concentration acts submitted under the fast-track procedure, were also highlighted. The average time of analysis for mergers that qualifies for summary proceeding is of 19 days, placing CADE among the fastest authorities in the analysis of merger filings.




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