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CADE's General Superintendence suggests Redecard S/A condemnation for anticompetitive practices in the market of commercial transactions through the internet

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20/08/2013 21:00 Demarest News



The Administrative Proceeding was initiated in 2009 due to a complaint made by Associação Brasileira de Internet – Abranet that claimed Redecard S/A was abusing of its dominant position and refraining competition.
Such practices were allegedly being performed through the imposition of abusive commercial conditions and creating challenges to the functioning of the companies' active in the Brazilian market for monitoring commercial transactions through the internet. Such companies are called "facilitadores", and they operate in the electronic commerce, offering the possibility that consumers perform electronic transactions without informing, to the virtual stores, their financial information.
Abranet affirms Redecard S/A, who was MasterCard's sole accrediting company, imposed to the facilitadores the accreditation of commercial stores if MasterCard was used, and also that the processing and liquidation of all transactions should be done through Redecard S/A systems.
The General Superintendence understands that Redecard S/A used its market power to cause prejudice to other agents, and that there is no plausible explanation for such practice. The case now waits for final judgment by CADE's Tribunal.


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