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General Superintendence investigates abuse of dominant position in the stainless steel market

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20/08/2013 21:00 Demarest News


​The Administrative Council for Economic Defense - CADE opened an administrative process to investigate anticompetitive conducts allegedly performed by APERAM Inox South America S/A, which is a division of the giant Arcelor Mittal's, located in Luxembourg. 

APERAM, who is a monopolist in the stainless steel manufacturing market in Brazil, is being accused of restraining the access to imports and discriminating among distributors. 

Stainless steel is different from normal steel because of its greater resistance to corrosion and heat, and is used for many purposes such as the manufacture of home and kitchen appliances, automobiles, city traffic signals, among others. 

The claim that initiated the Administrative Process was made by Inox-Tech Comércio de Aços Inoxidáveis Ltda. and by União Nacional de Trefilação de Metais Ferrosos - SICETEL. According to the plaintiffs, AMPERAM's practices include discount policies, which aims to hinder stainless steel imports, and also discrimination of price and sale´s conditions that would benefit the distributors that are part of the economic group Amib Serviços, to which AMPERAM belongs. 

If proven that the company adopted such practices, it would be subject, among other penalties, to the payment of a fine of up to 20% of the company's gross revenue in the relevant market affected, in the year before the opening of the administrative process.



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