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Privatization of the Access Channels to Brazilian Ports - Dredging

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06/04/2015 21:00 Demarest News


Privatization of the Access Channels to Brazilian Ports - Dredging 

As promised, on April 2, 2015, the Brazilian Ports Secretariat ("SEP") released certain data regarding the technical aspects related to the dredging of the access channels to Brazilian ports.
As informed in our previous report, the government is presently receiving suggestions to evaluate the methods through which it may transfer to the private sector the responsibility for the access channels to public ports.
Until now, the dredging of the access channels is being done through public bids. However, in some cases this method has been unable to achieve the desired results, and certain public bids have had no winners or have been interrupted by legal actions.
SEP expects to receive recommendations on (i) the activities that should be transferred to the private sector; (ii) the term of the related agreements; (iii) the criteria to select the companies that will render the service; (iv) the requirements that the interested companies must comply with to be considered; (v) the compensation to be received by the company selected to render the services; (vi) the method to supervise the services; (vii) which access channels should be transferred to the private sector.
We shall shortly send an English version of the material released by SEP. The Portuguese version may be reviewed in the attached file: Concessão Canal de Acesso.pdf
If you need any additional information, please let us know.
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