The Firm


With a practice spanning more than 70 years, we are one of the most respected law firms in Brazil and Latin America.

We have never moved away from our main purpose and long-term commitment: to deliver legal services with the highest standard of quality and excellence. Our lawyers are highly motivated to contribute to the commercial success of our clients.

We support our clients with an integrated approach and teams carefully tailored to the needs of our clients and each specific project. Our lawyers are readily available when and where required.

We consistently rank among Brazil’s leading law firms in a wide variety of publications, including Chambers, Thomson Reuters, Latin Lawyer, The Legal 500 and IFLR.

Our International Reach

We are a Brazilian independent firm. We believe in offering the best options available in every single jurisdiction to our clients. We do not submit to any exclusivity.

We maintain strong and close relationships with independent firms who are market leaders in their respective jurisdictions. This allows us to offer high quality and consistent service at all levels and fully aligned across all jurisdictions. In consultation with our clients, we choose the right local partner firm for the matter at hand.

Leadership, commitment to our clients and the local market, and continued professional development. These traits are the cornerstones that led to Demarest’s being selected as the sole Brazilian member of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms. With 160 affiliated firms in more than 100 countries, Lex Mundi provides its clients with preferential access to more than 21 thousand lawyers worldwide.

Demarest is also a member of The Interlex Group, an association formed by more than 40 law firms in 59 countries that cooperate to provide – with quality and speed – a full range of legal services to its clients.

In addition, the firm is a member of the Employment Law Alliance (ELA), the largest worldwide network of employment law attorneys. Present in more than 135 countries, ELA provides to its clients efficient and timely counsel, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Besides certifying Demarest’s global service quality, these affiliations provides an extensive network of cooperation and sharing of information with all member law firms and enables Demarest to take on the most challenging cross-border international transactions and litigation cases.

Our New York Office

We advise on Brazilian law to clients located in the United States from our New York office.

Our New York office functions very much like other transaction teams in the Brazilian offices of the firm, but with the convenience for clients to have their Brazilian law team in New York. We are where our clients are and wherever they need us to be.

Our team works closely together with leading law firms in the US — combining local knowledge and international expertise. Core areas in our New York office include mergers and acquisitions, private equity, capital markets, finance, infrastructure and debt restructuring.

Awards & Rankings

Chambers Diversity & Inclusion – Latin America Awards 2019

Recognized in the category Future Leader – Minority Lawyers

Chambers & Partners

Recognized as 'Brazil Client Service Law Firm of the Year' in 2018

Chambers Latin America 2020

19 ranked areas and 31 leading lawyers

Latin Lawyer Elite 2020

Elected one of the Elite Firms in Brazil

The Legal 500 2019

22 ranked areas and 55 lawyers reccommendeds

LACCA Approved 2020

16 recommended partners

Leaders League 2020 - Corporate

16 ranked practices

IFLR1000 2020

Top ranked in 5 key practices, with 10 highly regarded lawyers

ILASA Gold Award 2019, 2017 e 2015

Brazilian Law Firm of the Year ILO Awards 2017: Client Choice Award

Who's Who Legal 2019

27 recommended lawyers

Análise Advocacia 500 2019

Most Admired Law Firm since 2006

ILO Awards 2017

Client Choice Award

LatamIR 2016

Insurance Law Firm of the Year Award

ITR - International Tax Review 2015

Tax Court Firm of the Year


Our world is going through many complex but necessary changes and, to position ourselves at the forefront, we promote an organizational culture that safeguards expressions of authenticity and bolsters the potential talent of each individual that we engage with, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, social class or style.

We firmly believe that this forms an essential part of the Demarest approach that enables sustainable and cost-effective business, which in turn contributes directly to the socioeconomic development at local and global levels.

That is why we promote a pluralistic work environment that is non-discriminatory, respectful, welcoming, innovation-driven, and that also contributes to achieving business results.

Learn more about our initiatives by clicking on the left menu or in the images below:




According to the 2016 Harvard Business Review, LGBTI+ people that did not reveal publicly their sexual orientation have 73% more chance of leaving their positions of work. Since we do not want to lose any talent, regardless of sexual orientation, we work so that our workplace inclusive and respectful to everyone. With D MAIS group, we propose talks and debates for a better understanding of the subject and so that our relations with different audiences are open and respectful. Our mission is to have a safe and welcoming work environment for everyone.

We support the five Standards of Business Conduct to fight discrimination against LGBTI+ people, prepared by the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner. We were also sponsored of the launch event for the business conduct manual for companies in Brazil.


We founded our Allied group: a team of volunteers that, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, acted as ambassadors for D MAIS. To mark this role and establish themselves as members of a support network, each ally received a LGBTI+ Pride flag.

We reviewed our bathroom signs with the purpose of spreading a more inclusive language. The signs themselves were elements that helped the education plan of Demarest.


“My mission and that of my partners is to leave a better firm for the next generations. We understand that the inclusion of diversity contributes to this. We accept this commitment, as well as a value, in a non-negotiable way.”
José Diaz, Corporate partner and D MAIS ally.

We work to ensure that women have increasingly more latitude and respect at our firm. D MULHERES was officially launched in August 2017. Through this initiative, we joined the Federal Government’s Empresa Cidadã [Citizen Company] Program in 2018, which extended maternity leave from 120 to 180 days (6 months) and paternity leave from 5 to 20 days. We understand that a longer period of parenting at home brings more security to a mother, who can be present in key moments in the baby’s development, in addition to encouraging active and involved fathering.

Also in the first semester of 2018, we committed to the UN Women’s Principles of Women’s Empowerment. This set of principles has helped the firm to map the effectiveness of its actions to support gender equality in the workplace.

“With a workforce formed mostly by women, Demarest upholds the Women’s Empowerment Principles as part of the recognition of the work performed by its lawyers and administrative staff. We understand that achieving positive results and business innovation are strongly linked to the performance of these professionals and that welcoming the challenges of this group means: revisiting processes and procedures, in search of continuous management improvement, with the purpose of making women feel valued and able to reach their full potential. Equal treatment of women and men is not only the right thing to do, it is also good for business and should be a corporate priority.”
Paulo Coelho da Rocha, Managing Partner.

Another important project implemented was the carrying out of the Gender Equality Diagnosis research. Conducted by an external consulting firm and following the focus group model, the survey helped us to map the main obstacles and the major drivers of women’s careers in the firm. These points have since become the driving force behind the actions of D MULHERES. We also created an email for our Human Resources area exclusively to deal with female employees. Thus, we can better meet the demands raised and review processes.

In addition, through D MULHERES, we kept track of women who hold leadership positions in the firm. Women make up 40% of our leadership positions. But our goal is to reach 50% by 2025, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are proud of the presence of female leadership on executive committees that support the firm’s management.


“Through DMULHERES, we seek to develop a more balanced corporate environment, supporting the professional growth of women in the firm.
Luciana Cossermelli Tornovsky, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Partner of  the Corporate Practice Area.


Some highlight initiatives:
• Adherence to the Seven Principles of Women’s Empowerment, by UN Women;
• Adherence to the Federal Government’s Citizen Company Program;
• Breastfeeding room;
• Participation in publications, events and forums (for employees and clients) focused on female empowerment and gender equality;
• Conducting an internal diagnosis of Gender Equality at the firm;
• Mentoring Program for Female Leadership
• Adjustment of maternity goals;
• Internal training focused on gender equality and women’s empowerment;
• Sponsorship of events related to the matter;
• Material and campaign for internal and external release about the firm’s position on the issue;
• Ambassadors of the UN Women’s Win-Win programme.
• Liga D Mulheres: a group that contributes to initiatives to retain talent of female professionals at all stages of their careers.
• Participation in Rota VCM and Coalition to tackle violence against women and girls
• Pro bono work for NGOs that promote gender equality.

We are against racism and racial discrimination in all our activities. One of the goals of our firm is to ensure the inclusion of black people in the job market, in addition to the creation of a non-discriminatory environment with fair career opportunities for all. This was the background for the creation, in 2018, of the D RAÍZES group, which currently has 70 volunteers ready to bring the principles of the group into their work relations to build a more respectful and non-discriminatory workplace.

“With the launch of D RAÍZES, we want to reinforce our commitment to promote a diverse, non-discriminatory workplace, which is based on respect.”
Carlo Verona, partner-coordinator of D RAÍZES.

Aware of our social role and commitment to bettering society, we encourage the legal body of the firm to perform pro bono activities. Through partnerships with Instituto Pro Bono and Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation, we advise non-governmental and non-profit organizations that require legal support in various legal areas. We also contribute to research carried out by renowned institutions regarding pro bono work in Brazil, namely TrustLaw Index of Pro Bono and Latin Lawyer Pro Bono Survey.

We believe that it is everyone’s duty to contribute and work towards creating a more equal and compassionate society. As a result, we have partnerships with organizations committed to realizing these values, including the foundations for well-being, education and social inclusiveness. In 2017 we launched the Demarest ao Redor program, a project that aims to strengthen the relationship of our firm with local communities. As our first action, we participated in the Adoção Afetiva campaign, a project developed by the Government of the State of São Paulo to support and promote educational growth, in which we adopted the Professor Victor Oliva State School.