Legal certainty in through all stages of a project

In addition to simplifying the relationship between parties involved in an agreement, well-drafted contracts can also mitigate risks, consequently protecting a project against future predicaments.

What is more, a major part of every contract is negotiation, which is vital to maintain a prosperous business operation. As such, to ensure the effective completion of such processes, not only can we draft efficient contracts, but also assist our clients throughout the entirety of a project, negotiating terms and building mutual trust.

We are qualified to develop straightforward and secure contract structures in order to avoid unnecessary disputes regardless of how complex or in which sector is our client’s business.  Along with an unrivaled multidisciplinary practice, our approach based on reciprocal trust will prevent drawbacks throughout the negotiation of contracts.

We can assist you with:

  • Negotiating agreements promptly and efficiently according to the needs of each client.
  • Civil and commercial advice, assessment of risks and commercial strategies regarding the legislation and trade practices.
  • Developing contracts that address all types of risks without compromising the relationship of the parties that will enter into an agreement.
  • Drafting efficient contracts, whether for innovative projects affected by complex regulation or straightforward everyday matters.
  • Actively joining negotiations, in order to resolve matters according to our client’s best interest.
  • Structuring and managing contractual relationships within the company, including sales, marketing, and operations departments.
  • Ações conjuntas com áreas de empresas que demandam mais apoio na elaboração e gerenciamento de relações contratuais, como vendas, marketing e operações.