In defense of a competitively healthy market.

A healthy competition market is what provides better conditions for all players to act in commercial relationships and guarantees the wellbeing of consumers.

Demarest prides itself on a strong legal advisory team acting in complex cases for several industries and has the necessary expertise to assist its clients in their submission of merger and acquisition operations and in the defense of companies and individuals against anticompetitive practices.

We believe in values inherent to the preservation of free competition and free initiative; we study the particularities of each sector and understand how the dynamics and organic and inorganic market movements are relevant to the prosperity of the country’s economy and businesses.

You can trust in a multi-disciplinary and proactive team that acts with intelligence, precision and efficiency, aiming for excellence in cases.

We are here to assist you with:

  • Drafting and notification of antitrust filings;
  • Representation in procedures, investigations and administrative proceedings for assessment of competition infringements;
  • Negotiation of leniency agreements and discussions with the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE);
  • Analysis of administrative decisions;
  • Advice on several commercial practices;
  • Preparation of competition compliance programs;
  • Audits and competition investigations;
  • Damage control resulting from competition infringements;
  • Procedures for investigation of regulatory power abuse before the Brazilian Economic Monitoring Department (SEAE/ME – Fiarcs).