Effectively fostering a healthy business environment in integration with environmental protection. 


We assist our clients in the alignment of sustainability goals with productivity. Trust our multidisciplinary team, equipped with experience ahead of several environmental cases, and with the necessary knowledge to advise you on the most complex challenges.


More than an advisory service on legal requirements or demands, we are a strategic partner, capable of assisting your company in making secure decisions, and reducing risks related to a rigorous and constantly changing legislation.


Our team is dedicated to assisting you on the process of fostering sustainable business development and complying with ESG criteria.


Our partners have national and international experience, and are recognized for applying technical, negotiating and transactional skills in order to address matters such as:


  • Representation in judicial and extrajudicial litigation involving strategic and institutional environmental matters of high complexity, which affect the image and brand of the business, as well as in routine operational matters of the business and its relationship with the environmental control offices and inspection agencies. We have expertise within the different spheres of environmental liability (administrative, civil, and criminal) and assist our clients in mitigating exposure risks, including risks that concern managers and shareholders;


  • ESG – Implementation and development of sustainable business and systems: we assist our clients on better complying with ESG criteria, as well as identifying and assessing measures that can boost the sustainability of their activities, such as mitigation and offsetting of air emissions, issuance and acquiring of carbon credits, decarbonization credits, I-REC, and environmental reserve quotas;


  • Environmental licensing: identification of activities in various economic sectors subject to environmental licensing and their respective competent agencies, providing assistance gathering the documentation and carrying out procedures required for such activities, including complex cases of infrastructure works in contaminated areas or sensitive areas, such as indigenous and environmentally protected lands;


  • Assistance in the closing and decommissioning of economic activities subject to environmental licensing, especially in the management of environmental liabilities and interaction with the environmental control offices and inspection agencies;


  • Experience identifying liabilities and carrying out environmental audits, assisting on the negotiation of transaction conditions involving the topic, such as merger or acquisition transactions, which also involve sustainable business operations and supply chain analysis;


  • Protection in cases of environmental accidents and management of contaminated areas, through the development of remediation strategies and negotiation of consent decrees (TAC), agreements between affected parties, negotiations with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and other environmental control offices and inspection agencies;


  • Solid waste and reverse logistics – handling and management: we assist in developing a strategy for appropriately handling and disposing solid waste, including the compliance of your company with reverse logistics policies for products and packages, such as packaging in general, light bulbs, tires, medicines, electro-electronic products, among others;


  • Forestry aspects: we act in virtually all aspects related to forestry matters (for corporate and individual enterprises related to agribusiness), especially in the verification and regularization of areas subject to use or special protection, in identifying forestry-related liabilities in urban and rural areas, together with technical teams, definition of measures for environmental regularization, and assistance in obtaining all applicable authorizations from the competent environmental agencies;


  • Assistance in activities involving Brazilian biodiversity: we identify opportunities and risks related to the use of biodiversity in our clients’ products, including verification of applicability and compliance with regulations regarding the access and remittance of genetic heritage and associated traditional knowledge.