We invite you to build your career at Demarest, one of the most admired firms in Latin America, widely recognized for its friendly and collaborative work environment. Be part of an expert firm that offers its clients legal solutions of excellence, intelligence and innovation.

We are a firm that constantly encourages and supports each employee to collectively seek new opportunities for transactions of high importance and relevance – a team that values diversity, different backgrounds, varied interests and that embraces, above all, the same values and attitudes: enthusiasm, ethics, quality and commitment.

We are motivated by challenges and we are committed to new ideas and possibilities. We are, fundamentally, aware of the responsibility to act ethically and in solidarity for local and global socioeconomic development.

From Law Clerk to Partner

We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the national legal market: this allows us to proudly say that "we shape next-generation partners". Our employees are talented people, attracted by the great work environment and the recognized incentive for professional growth that, over the years, have shaped our professionals into engaged and motivated partners, always concerned with achieving the highest level of excellence in the practice of law.

Career Track

The competencies we seek in our future professionals, as well as their roles and responsibilities are described in our guidebook “Expectations Framework”, covering all levels of a career in legal services, from the levels of education required to all other requirements for positions. Competencies assessed in the legal career include:


– Excellence in Services rendered

– Effectiveness in Management (People, Clients and Matters)

– Effectiveness in Leadership

– Teamwork

– Marketing, Sales and Communication

– Commitment

– Practice Management

– Legal Knowledge

– Proactivity

We offer the necessary follow-up for skills development, extensive guidance and relevant training for our lawyers.

Professionals participate in the annual cycle of performance evaluation, with feedback and direction to improve growth and further their careers.

International Career

We offer a secondment program to our professionals in which they will have the opportunity to work, between 6 and 12 months, in a partner firm located in another country. The initiative offers a unique opportunity to develop the talents sought by our firm and to consolidate a consistent networking with international partners. It is also a stimulating opportunity to build a better world, dealing with current issues on a daily basis. International experience makes it possible to meet other mindsets, adding knowledge and enhancing results.

Professionals pursuing a career abroad still have the chance to participate in job fairs, such as those at New York University and Columbia University.

Through this reach and depth of resources, we are able to refine our talent and engage in discussions on global issues with other firms, clients and partners.

Read stories of some of our secondees below:


Our legal team undergoes annual training, focused on improving the services provided to the client – an opportunity to better guide the teams towards a multidisciplinary approach.

D Academy, our training platform, has been designed to meet the high demands of the market. It is responsible for knowledge management and for providing, in addition to professional development, a personal growth experience. Furthermore, thanks to an immersion in the culture of the firm, new employees have access to content that will make their routine easier.

The program comprises:

Leadership Development Program – aimed at training leaders who are aware of their strategic roles in the organization.

Grants for scholarships – a way to encourage our employees to enhance their knowledge through different actions, such as language courses or master’s degrees (LLMs) in national or international institutions.

Over the past three years, 27 lawyers have earned or are pursuing LLMs subsidized by the firm.

Trainee Program

To understand the firm in an integrated and active way, to expand knowledge and create new possibilities for action. Our Trainee Program is one of the most complete in the market. For two years, our program fosters turnover among the four areas of the firm, enabling a more complete and integrated training of the lawyer.

Throughout the program, the performance of those involved is monitored every six months by the responsible partner and biannual development talks are held with HR and other partners.

After the two-year period, the trainee has the chance to choose between four areas of interest. At the end, he or she receives an award and has the opportunity to present a business case to our board.

In addition to developing the young professional, we recognize his or her talent with a special award: the opportunity to spend two months as a secondee in a large firm in Latin America, with all expenses paid.

That’s right! The trainee whose performance stands out most during the program will gain international experience to deepen their legal knowledge, leverage networking opportunities and further their awareness of global trends.


Meet-and-Greet with Opportunities

In line with our mission of providing sustainable firm growth, we strive to develop our talent to become the partners of the next generations.

The trainee’s development takes place in a comprehensive way, starting with a deep integration with the firm in the early days: an opportunity for young students to get to know the environment, our organizational culture and to talk with partners and associates of the different practice areas.

Join Us

A successful career starts from the choice. With us, you have the chance to embark on legal journey where you will develop a solid, complete and meaningful track record. Join the hundreds of lawyers who have passed through our firm over the last 70 years and whose careers are widely recognized, representing a central role in the legal market and in society.

95% rate of advancement to lawyer

70% of partners started as trainees

Technical training and study groups

Opportunities in secondments abroad

All areas of Corporate Law


Recruitment Process


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