Demarest is recognized by Great Place to Work – Women

It is with great satisfaction that we share with you another great achievement of the firm.

Following an assessment carried out by Great Place to Work (in partnership with Época Negócios Magazine) on our Human Resources practices and gender diversity actions, we were ranked as one of the Best Companies in Brazil for Women to Work.

This achievement is the result of our commitment to ensuring that the firm always maintains a safe and welcoming environment so that women, regardless of position, age, function, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, social and physical condition, can perform at their best and reach their potential.


Our commitment to gender equality goes beyond the recognition of GPTW. Transformation of the internal work environment is reflected in our way of doing business and influences the entire Demarest relationship chain, enabling employees, service providers and other partners to reproduce inclusive and respectful actions in their communities.

In this way, Demarest ensures its standing as an agent for positive impact on society and we reinforce our position as a firm that #TranscendsPossibilities.