The beginning
of an era

A U.S. citizen and a Brazilian: though an unlikely partnership at the time, forged in the midst of an expanding Brazilian legal system, this alliance led to the creation of a law firm that would eventually become one of the largest and most respected in Brazil. Demarest e Almeida was officially founded in 1948, with four small rooms on the fifth floor of 15 de Novembro Street, in the center of São Paulo.

Practicing Law in the 40's

Ruby rings. Doctorates. Legalese. At the time, traditional law firms in Brazil were heavily centered around the figure of the lawyer: an independent and irreplaceable professional, in following with the precepts of Romano-Germanic Law. In contrast to this, Demarest e Almeida opted to join the select group of law firms whose brand had always prevailed over lawyer names.

João Batista
Pereira de Almeida

Kenneth E.


Hiring the first lawyer

A one-line ad in Brazilian newspaper Estadão: “Lawyer wanted”. Without a company name, the fledgling law firm had a single requirement: to submit a letter. Recent graduate Naum Rotenberg seized the opportunity. After one interview, he joined the team consisting of Kenneth Demarest, João Batista, one receptionist and two secretaries.

A bridge
between businesses

New windows
of opportunities

50 years in 5
for Demarest

New talent
for the firm

Strong and prosperous friendships

Due to new products and acquisitions, long-standing clients such as Encyclopaedia Britannica and General Foods needed increased legal assistance. In parallel, new clients and relationships were established within the petrochemicals industry, such as Alba S/A, a Borden Chemical subsidiary, and Union Carbide, as well as in the chemicals industry, including laboratories such as Bristol Meyers, Squibb, Pfizer, Merck-Sharp, UpJohn, Fontoura Wyeth and Miles.


Ice-breaking mergers and acquisitions

Brazilian ice cream giant Kibon went through a sequence of acquisition procedures. First, Kibon was acquired by General Foods Corporation, in 1960; subsequently, by Philip Morris, in 1985; and finally, by Unilever, in 1997. Demarest e Almeida assisted Kibon in the legal proceedings of these complex transactions, which always involved a great deal of effort and responsibility. The merger and acquisition operations of the firm increased consistently every year. In fact, around three to four transactions were carried out each week throughout the 1960s.

New directions without Kenneth Demarest

Kenneth Demarest’s decision to depart the firm and return to the U.S. left an open position for partner, which was filled by Naum Rotenberg. One year later, the hiring of Altamiro Boscoli, Orlando Di Giacomo, Jouacyr Arion Consentino and Rogério Lessa laid the foundations of an initiative to retain young lawyers and provide them with training.

History knocks
on the door

A time for


The first law firm to use
computers in accounting

Through a partnership with client Singer, Demarest e Almeida became the first law firm to use information technology. Altamiro sought a few of the largest law firms in the U.S. to find out which computers these companies used. He found out, however, that they did not use computers. Demarest e Almeida was a pioneer not only in Brazil, but possibly in the entire world.


A study center approved by thousands

A united front among law firms to collaborate on the defense of common interests. Orlando Di Giacomo Filho organized meetings with members from other law societies, resulting in the creation of the Law Firms Study Center (CESA), which eventually became a reference in the area. Di Giacomo acted as president of CESA for several years, placing Demarest in a key role within the organization.

DHL and the Correios monopoly

Mike Cannon, from DHL, came to the firm with a seemingly impossible task: to obtain a license for the international transport of documents and parcels. It was important to show that global mail delivery services played a central role to expand business between different countries. Cannon argued that the monopoly provided for in the Brazilian Constitution was limited to letters and telegrams. Finally, the activity was regulated and several other companies initiated operations in Brazil, among them UPS, TNT and FedEx.


The first Brazilian
law firm to put down
roots in New York


Global Firms and
Lex Mundi partnership

A change
in nature

Flying Embraer
towards new heights

A move towards greener
(and safer) pastures

A pioneer from the start

In line with the innovation trend that influenced several areas of law, the firm created practice areas concentrated in sectors such as biotechnology, insurance, social security, international trade, energy, infrastructure, among many others. This movement was driven by the privatization trend in Brazil, as well as new foreign investments, and was an early example of pioneering initiatives at Demarest.


Four times
the talent in
a new millenium

A futuristic
address for
a bright future

Pioneering the expansion in Brazil

In order to compete with up-and-coming law firms, Demarest e Almeida adopted the strategy of opening branches of the firm in the main capitals of Brazil, in parallel with securing partnerships with other well-established law firms. As a result, the Campinas branch (SP) was created. Meanwhile, the firm established partnerships in Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza (CE), Maceio (AL), Porto Alegre (RS), Recife (PE) and Salvador (BA). The ultimate goal was to establish a network aimed at defending local cases, as well as attracting new clients.

Social responsibility
and timeless culture

The creation of international desks

An eye on the future and both feet on the ground

The firm abandoned the approach of mass litigation and concentrated its efforts back on its original mission: to provide truly exceptional and dedicated legal services to major companies. As such, the firm initiated the development of five-year strategic plans.

AFTER 2010

From Demarest & Almeida to Demarest Advogados

The surname “Almeida” remained in the firm’s legal name, but gave way to the word “Advogados” (in English, “lawyers”) in the firm’s trade name. “Demarest Advogados” was launched as a new brand, a pioneering branding initiative that aimed to reposition the firm for the future, concentrating on excellence in a full-service format.

An award year

The firm was recognized as Brazilian Law Firm of The Year by the International Legal Alliance (Demarest would eventually win the same award in 2017 and 2019) and as Brazilian Tax Court Firm of the Year by the International Tax Review. In addition, Demarest Advogados published the firm’s first “Citizenship Report”.Finally, the incorporation of the insurance boutique JBO Advocacia reinforced the firm’s insurance practice area, which had existed since the year 2000.

The consolidation of our social initiatives

Concentrating efforts to achieve social justice has always been in Demarest’s DNA. In 2017, the firm’s commitment to social causes resulted in more robust projects, particularly with the establishment of Demarest’s first affinity group: D Mulheres. The program was created with the aim of fostering the professional development of women and stimulating progress regarding gender equality within the corporate environment. But the firm strove to achieve more: in the same year, the firm arrange volunteer work initiatives and invited employees to participate, which resulted in the establishment of the affinity group D Ao Redor.

Seven decades and a talent pool of seven hundred

Demarest Advogados marked 70 years since its founding, comprising a deep bench of 700 professionals. After establishing a legacy of excellence in the world of law, the firm sought to positively impact society. Driven by its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Demarest Advogados implemented projects aimed at the LGBTI+ community (D Mais) and the fostering of ethnic-racial equality (D Raízes). The new affinity groups eventually became large support networks for employees of the firm, effectively stimulating debates regarding diversity and inclusion within the legal environment.

Designing a bright future

A rebranding project established a new visual identity for the firm. The new brand celebrated the firm's pioneering spirit and innovation and reinforced the main attributes linked to excellence in the practice of law. The word “advogados” and the green tones of the old logo were removed. The new image conveyed preparedness for the future, with more emphasis on the firm’s name and a more contemporary image, without abandoning the firm’s legacy and tradition with the clients and the market. This value was strengthened by the entry of nine partners, in total, in several strategic areas, such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Energy, International Trade, Tax, Oil and Gas, among others.

and trailblazing

New challenges

to demands
from society

Blazing a
trail in Corporate
Social Responsibility

2023 and the road ahead

In the years to come, we will remain committed to our purpose of effecting positive change in society and making a difference for our employees and clients, further establishing Demarest as a firm that is always Transcending Possibilities.