From the protection of brands, patents, copyright, domain names, software and new technology, to the strategic licensing of such assets

Demarest’s Intellectual Property, Innovation and Technology practice area is widely recognized for carrying out negotiations and protecting intangible assets with excellence, attention to detail and strategic insight.  Such services secure our placement as a standout firm in the most important rankings of the sector.

We are a full-service practice, offering a comprehensive approach. By deepening our knowledge of the client’s business, we are capable of appropriately assessing how to analyze intellectual property within a strategic context. Our extensive experience enables us to assist companies, whether in the protection of new technologies or in their licensing, sale, purchase and digital transformation.

Our services include:

  • Drafting and negotiation of license agreements and contracts involving the assignment of intellectual property rights, transfer of technology, provision of technical services, franchising, software, use of image, license for use of content, use and confidentiality agreements, co-branding, technological cooperation, research and development, among other contract types within the scope of intellectual property;
  • Assistance in procedures of protection and monitoring of brands, patents, industrial designs, software, copyrights, among other assets;
  • Assistance and monitoring of administrative, civil or criminal measures regarding the violation of intellectual property rights (counterfeiting, piracy, plagiarism, unfair competition, etc.);
  • Specialized legal audits in the Intellectual Property area;
  • Assistance in all tax matters related to intellectual property and innovation;
  • Creation and carrying out of specialized training courses for our clients on: techniques and strategies for licensing intellectual property, portfolio organization and management, implementation of new technologies and platforms, among others;
  • We support our clients in processes that involve innovation, creation and protection of disruptive business, as well as providing services related to negotiation and establishment of partnerships during the implementation stages of the business;
  • We provide consultancy and act in litigation in the Advertising and Entertainment Law segments. In the preventive and advisory spheres, we assist our clients as follows:
    • Revision of advertising campaigns based on the legislation and ethical standards of the sector, including the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Council (CONAR) Code and rules of the Brazilian Standard Rules Executive Council (CENP);
    • Legal advice and strategy for implementation of commercial promotions, including analysis of advertising materials, drafting of regulations and conducting administrative proceedings to obtain authorization from public authorities;
    • Drafting and revision of contracts related to this subject, supported by our specialists from different areas of the firm;
    • Representation in administrative proceedings before CONAR and in legal disputes before the courts.

In addition, we provide multi-jurisdictional advice through a hub of specialized partner firms abroad in order to protect and monitor the specific rights of your business and provide a strategic assessment of cases based on local practices.