Disruptive solutions for an economy with a strong technological bias.


Meeting the demands of one of the most technological countries in the world requires expertise, technical training and deep knowledge of the business. Occupying the 7th position of the 2021 Bloomberg Innovation Index ranking, Israel now has more than 300 companies already doing business in Brazil, generating a volume of investments that has been growing year after year, mainly in the startup segment of various branches, with emphasis on those focusing on agribusiness, health and technology.

The Israel Desk has professionals with a strong connection to Israel and the Israeli culture in Brazil, in addition to in-depth knowledge of the way investors in that country do business, enabling Israeli companies to do business in Brazil or Brazilian companies that decide to invest in Israel.

Have available the technological know-how and the most diverse industries of Demarest.

Among the services provided by the Israel Desk are:

  • General Litigation and Arbitration
  • Criminal
  • Intellectual property
  • Constitution and structuring of companies
  • Operations of foreign companies in the country
  • Corporate reorganizations: acquisitions, mergers, incorporations and spin-offs
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Public offers of securities
  • Regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Legal audits
  • Contracts
  • Advice on competition matters
  • Advice on tax matters
  • Commercial defense
  • Regulatory issues
  • Assistance to entrepreneurs in choosing the most appropriate corporate structure for the company to be incorporated
  • Assistance in choosing the format for attracting investments capable of maximizing its use
  • Banking advice, in particular for fintechs
  • Guidance on the taxation model, with a direct impact on the pricing of the product or service and on the distribution of results to partners and investors;
  • Assessment of labor issues, aiming to define the best system for hiring employees, considering labor and social security costs and risks
  • Elaboration of contracts that bring more security and predictability in the relationship with suppliers, partners and users, as well as capable of contributing to good governance, something decisive to attract the attention of investors
  • Development of compliance programs, with a view to preventing and controlling risks related to corruption
  • Guidance on brand protection and creations, through an analysis of issues involving Intellectual Property and adequacy of communication channels, as well as products and services to the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD)
  • Advice on Consumer Law
  • Conducting preparatory due diligence for the investment rounds
  • Advising startups and investors on any and all legal matters, using our full-service office structure

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