Valuing your business from the exploration and production to distribution and resale.


Brazil’s greatest opportunities in the oil and gas sector range from the exploration and production, refining and transportation, to the distribution and resale of hydrocarbons and their derivatives. However, the intense competitiveness of the industry, along with the development of new technologies and energy sources, volatile prices and constant changes in regulations, creates a landscape that requires legal certainty to ensure good practices within the sector.


A solid practice in large operations and complex cases have provided Demarest with the expertise to assist domestic and international companies transform such opportunities into high value-added business. We maintain a close relationship with our clients, which enables us to understand trends affecting the oil and gas industry, and develop innovative and tailored strategies to face its challenges, meet the newest demands of the sector and advance your business.


As a full service firm, Demarest provides assistance throughout the entire oil and gas chain, supported by a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals that advises several areas with expertise in the oil and gas industry, including the regulatory, contractual, corporate, tax, labor, environmental, real estate, litigation and arbitration, financial and foreign trade sectors.


Our network of clients includes domestic and international companies that already operate in or seek to enter the Brazilian oil and gas market, providing continuous support on their legal demands, through an integrated approach tailored to each specific case.


Among the main services provided by our team, we highlight:


  • ANP rounds. Advice on bidding proceedings with the Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), assisting in the preparation and participation of the concession bidding rounds, and open acreage – production sharing (OPP);
  • Acquisition of O&G assets Advice on negotiations for acquisition of O&G assets (such as Petrobras’ disinvestments, farm in/farm out) and related documents (JOA, Participating Agreements, consortia, among others);
  • Mergers and Acquisitions and Financing Operations Advice on mergers and acquisitions operations, as well as financing with structuring of typical guarantees of the sector (such as reserve based lending);
  • Company Incorporation and Project structuring. Advice on the incorporation of companies in the sector and structuring of projects, as well as in obtaining applicable records, registrations and permissions;
  • Regulatory Advice on regulatory aspects related to companies of the sector before the ANP and state entities, in addition to representation in administrative proceedings before such entities;
  • Supply contracts for Petrobras Advice on the participation of clients in competitive proceedings for the supply of products and services to Petrobras;
  • E&P Supply Chain Advice to suppliers of equipment, vessels, products and services involving oil companies (charter, rental and service contracts);
  • General agreements of the sector Assistance on the drafting and negotiation of contracts for different segments of the sector, including purchase and sale of oil, gas supply agreement (GSA), gas transportation agreement (GTA), purchase and sale of fuels, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), operation and maintenance (O&M), among others;
  • Litigation and Arbitration Representation of clients in cases involving the oil and gas sector;
  • Multidisciplinary advice. Advice on several areas of the law areas for clients in the sector: E&P companies, fuel and biofuel producers, gas processing plants, suppliers, traders, carriers, distributors, retailers, regasification units, storage units, among others.