Comprehensive advice from experts on investments.

Increasing your chances of success in complex investments require innovative and secure solutions.

Usually, unconventional opportunities of investment involve individualized structures created to enable the maximum return to investors, with understanding of the complex risks involved and the creation of mitigation or protection mechanisms, in addition to the development of liquidity and capital structures to investors, debtors or creditors. 

Demarest brings together specialized professionals, who stand out in their areas, to provide advice to creditors, companies, investors (such as private equity funds, hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks) and financial advisors with an emphasis on alternative investments, including transactions involving companies in crisis or distressed assets.

Our unique services involve multidisciplinary practices such as corporate finance, restructuring and bankruptcy, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, tax and regulatory. Demarest’s specialized team offers complete and tailored solutions, according to the nature of each investment.