More assertive commercial relations made possible

The strength of commercial relations between Brazil and Germany requires the involvement of highly experienced institutions. With a trade volume of more than EUR 49 billion prior to pandemic, Germany is positioned as the fourth main economic partner of Brazil, while Brazil is considered Germany’s main partner in South America.

Demarest’s German Desk offers legal advice to German investors and companies, as well as to Brazilian companies interested in investing or carrying out commercial transactions in Germany.

The Desk provides advice on all practices of law and is formed by professionals fluent in the German and English languages. Most of them have lived in Germany, which enables our team to understand not only the business environment, but also the social and cultural aspects involved in negotiations.

Our German Desk can assist you on demands involving:

  • Incorporation and structuring of companies;
  • Operation of foreign companies in Brazil;
  • Corporate reorganizations: acquisitions, mergers, takeovers, and spin-offs;
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances;
  • Public offerings of securities;
  • Regulations of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM);
  • Legal audits;
  • Contracts;
  • Competition;
  • Trade Defense;
  • Immigration and visas;
  • Regulatory matters;
  • General Resolution of Disputes and Arbitration; and
  • Intellectual Property.

Insights of German Desk