Connecting people and their business to the legal world in a more intelligent way, through telecommunications and technology.

The Telecommunications, Media and Technology (“TMT”) market is in continuous and rapid transformation. Within such constant flow of innovation, new paradigms that affect the legal world emerge at all times. For example, new Internet connection technology (such as FTTH, 5G, WiFi 6E and 7, and new satellite systems), the Internet of things (IoT), cyberspace regulation, new systems of audiovisual content distribution, among several others. In the new digital economy landscape, being involved in such transformation is crucial.

We can assist you on the viability of new business and on the navigation of the complex regulatory ecosystem, based on a multidisciplinary practice that encompasses all layers and chains of the TMT sector, which includes: (a) the provision of passive infrastructure for the operation of telecommunications services (such as towers, poles and right-of-way); (b) the provision of telecommunications services regardless of the technology employed (e.g., confined media, satellite and radio frequencies); (c) the use of radio frequency spectrum; (d) the distribution of audiovisual content through any type of technology (such as streaming, pay-TV and broadcast TV); and (e) the provision of over-the-top services, among others.

We frequently advise renowned companies that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology in complex operations. Demarest employs a differentiated approach that is the result of our long-lasting relationship with regulatory bodies and the markets in which we operate. We can provide the most efficient legal strategy to address matters such as:

  • Obtaining regulatory authorizations for operation in TMT areas;
  • Strategic negotiation of contracts;
  • Regulatory assessments, including matters relating to the provision of telecommunications services, distribution of audiovisual content and regulation of new technologies;
  • Advice on complex cases, whether they involve regulatory, transactional or litigation matters, including M&A, restructuring and financing;
  • Due Diligence for assessment of transaction risks regarding business opportunities in TMT markets;
  • Representation in cases involving administrative and litigation matters, outsourcing, contracting, and service, acquisition and distribution agreements.

Regardless of your needs within the TMT industry, Demarest provides the best solutions, supported by unmatched experience and capabilities necessary to carry out your business.