Stimulate female empowerment

D Mulheres

More space and respect for women in society

We are driven by actions that seek to eliminate obstacles for women and ensure a fair distribution of opportunities among different genders. D Mulheres was created to address matters of gender diversity within the firm.

The initiatives developed and carried out by this group have been essential for achieving aims and results. Currently, women occupy 50% of Demarest’s leadership positions, present in executive committees that contribute to the administration of the firm. 

We also created Liga D Mulheres, a group that brings together employees across multiple departments and hierarchical levels of the firm to discuss and request improvements to D Mulheres.

We believe that in order to empower women we must also ensure their safety

Our actions aimed at the fostering of gender equality have continuously transformed the firm. We have created a mentoring program for our lawyers, expanded parental leave and adhered to essential programs to combat violence against women, such as Rota VCM and the Business Coalition for the End of Violence against Women. Additionally, we have provided pro bono legal services to numerous entities that work to improve gender equality in society.