Supporting and promoting the freedom to be more

D Mais

LGBTI+ inclusion

We are committed to LGBTI+ inclusion within the firm in order to play our essential role in the fostering of LGBTI+ rights within the legal environment.

In order to retain LGBTI+ talent and contribute to transforming society, we strive to ensure that our work environment is inclusive and respectful to all.

Through D Mais, we seek to support the LGBTI+ community by providing our employees with opportunities to educate themselves on LGBTI+ matters and ensuring an open-minded, welcoming and safe work environment for all.

Our initiatives for transformation include: participation in Fórum de Empresas e Direitos LGBTI+; fundraising and pro bono assistance to correct the names of transgender people; replacement of bathroom signs at our offices to stimulate inclusive language; training of LGBTI+ individuals for entering the job market, among others.