Awareness and promotion of historic reparations

D Raízes

Consciousness, education and historical justice
Combating racism and racial discrimination

In order to transform anti-racist values into effective change, we sought to understand the roots of systemic and structural racism. Based on our findings, we have implemented policies to ensure fair career opportunities regardless of race and to combat racism both within the corporate environment and beyond. 

The creation of D Raízes has enabled us to achieve positive results in regard to anti-racism through debates, training events and investment aimed at the cause.  We support the project Incluir Direito, from Brazil’s Study Center for Law Firms (CESA), provide financial aid for Black professionals to pursue language courses, and are founding members of the Legal Alliance for Racial Equality in Brazil, which progresses increasingly every year.

Through our strong stance against racism and racial discrimination, we seek to build a more respectful and non-discriminatory workplace and ensure that all individuals at Demarest and across Brazil have access to fair career opportunities.