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Ministry of Labor announces deadline to submit Wage and Remuneration Criteria Transparency Report information

January 24th, 2024

The Ministry of Labor and Employment (“MTE”) announced, on January 17, 2024, the deadline to submit information through the “Equal Pay and Remuneration Criteria” tab on the employer’s section of the Emprega Brasil Portal.

Companies must enter the information required for the report by February 29, 2024, regarding:

(a) a career progression framework, as well as job and salary plans;

(b) remuneration criteria for access and progression or promotion of employees;

(c) incentives to hire women;

(d) the employer’s criteria regarding leadership, management and board-related promotions; and

(e) employer initiatives or programs that support the sharing of family obligations, among others.

The information provided by the companies will be used to draft the “Wage and Remuneration Criteria Transparency Report”, created by Law No. 14,611/2023 (“Law on Equal Pay for Men and Women”).

Demarest’s Labor and Employment team is available to provide any further information and assistance that may be necessary.

Read the announcement in full.