Labor matters advised by experienced labor lawyers.

Demarest’s long-lasting journey offering legal support and developing strategies for our clients has provided us with a unique and comprehensive perspective of the relationship between workers, unions and companies, which reflects in a meticulous approach in regard to the impact of each development of a business.

Our comprehensive practice assists our clients from the initiation of the company’s activities, clarification of doubts and drafting employment contracts and internal policies, to the alignment of collective-bargaining agreements and any document related to the labor sector.

Our practice is distinguished by the provision of close, multidisciplinary and constant guidance in order to contribute towards making secure decisions for your business.

We combine a strategic vision with in-depth knowledge of labor legislation and its consistent development, in order to assist our clients in an assertive manner on topics such as:

  • Negotiation with unions: our lawyers assist you throughout the process of negotiation with unions and the settlement of collective agreements aimed at complying with the legislation and the needs of a business;
  • Dispute resolution: Our labor litigation area is recognized by the market for its competence, experience and strategic vision;
  • Advice on the talent management matters, whether on the hiring of foreign employees, or the expatriation of Brazilian employees;
  • Assistance on complex labor topics, such as working hours and differentiated pay plans, hiring of senior executives, standardization/harmonization of benefits in business purchase and sale procedures, management of international employee transfers, among others;
  • Ensure secure decision-making regarding all topics related to your company’s workforce, supported by a practical and straightforward approach;
  • Structuring of fixed and variable remuneration policies and plans, in addition to Profit Sharing Plans (PLR) and Stock option plans;
  • Assistance on compliance and fraud investigation proceedings, aimed at mitigating risks in labor relationships.
Find out more about our history in major labor consultancy cases and how we can build strong bridges between your company, your employees and unions.