Assistance to structure financial transactions

We combine our extensive knowledge in legal advisory services with the development of products and services in sync with the constant changes of the financial market.

Demarest’s Banking and Finance practice area is highly qualified to meet the demands of its clients, ensuring that business is carried out in the most appropriate and secure way. Such capabilities are a result of our team’s in-depth knowledge and vast experience in financial transactions of multiple modalities, such as corporate operations of project financing, working capital, import and export, agricultural products, as well as operations involving resources from development banks (including transactions with the BNDES, debt restructuring, among others.

Trust our Banking and Finance team’s in-depth knowledge in areas such as:

  • Credit Development, seeking legal certainty and focused on strategic and relevant sectors and markets, such as financial innovation, crypto assets, e-commerce, Fintechs, Open Banking, agribusiness, automotive, and import and export;
  • Foreign Capital and Exchange Area with extensive experience in the regulation of foreign capital in Brazil, and of domestic capital abroad, whether in the form of investments, credits, operations, among others, as well as matters related to the foreign exchange market;
  • Carrying out administrative proceedings before the Central Bank of Brazil and the National Financial System Appeals Council, representing the interests of financial institutions, administrators and entities that provide services to the sector;
  • Incorporation, investment, and control transfer of financial institutions, payment institutions, and other entities authorized to operate by the Central Bank of Brazil, through risk management audits and authorization processes before the Central Bank.