For a better relationship among brands, companies, and consumers.

Named “Business Consumer”, Demarest’s Consumer Law practice is unlike anything ever seen on the market.

After market-focused work that included the participation and input of its own clients, Demarest decided to step out of the box and innovate.

With over 75 years of experience and a team of top-notch professionals, as well as a multidisciplinary support team (engineers, doctors, accountants, technologists, among others), Business Consumer focuses on allowing clients to structure and develop their businesses in a way that is creative, productive and aligned with best practices.

Demarest’s relationship with international firms, in addition to regular participation in seminars, lectures and events, allows professionals working in this area to have a comprehensive repertoire, which results in innovative analyses and ideas.

Demarest’s years of work on this front also helped the firm develop and maintain relationships of trust and respect with the main administrative bodies that make up the National Consumer System, such as: SENACON, Procons, regulatory agencies, Public Prosecutor’s Offices and Associations, which enables dialogue with respective officers and managers at the highest technical levels.

Within this business perspective, Business Consumer’s activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance to clients in highly complex administrative actions or suits;
  • Execution of work that requires strengthening of image and relations before consumer law protection bodies;
  • Development of strategies and workflows with the main objective of mitigating or avoiding damage;
  • Structuring intelligence work related to the client’s internal organization, mapping risks, as well as standardizing and developing defenses for specific topics
  • Development of preventive strategies and case law training with the Judiciary;
  • Creation of new arguments in line with with the main topics covered in the international market;
  • Technical client support with firms that provide mass services, in order to analyze data and suggest possible alternative routes;
  • Assistance in launching products, services and loyalty programs, including analysis of related marketing practices; and
  • In-house training on best practices.

For the Business Consumer team, objectivity, creativity, results and excellence in service are goals to be met daily.