Carry out sustainable business with an experienced firm.

Matters involving electricity are naturally a part of discussions among industries and companies, given that it represents one third of production costs for such organizations. The history of Demarest’s practice in the sector is unique. In addition to playing a role in the implementation of the largest solar and wind technology-based project in Brazil, the firm has one of the most experienced and specialized teams in the country.

Our lawyers can assist you in identifying opportunities and risks throughout the entire energy supply chain, from generation, through trading, transmission, distribution, up to the end consumer.

Chain links

  1. Industrial materials and inputs sector
    Production and supply of inputs, machinery and specialized equipment and services.
  2. Transmission
    Transmission of energy at high voltage.
  3. Distribution
    Concentration of energy from generation facilities, followed by distribution to end consumers: Eletropaulo, Light, CPFL etc.
  4. Marketing
    Trading of electricity between generators and large consumers.
  5. Consumption
    Major consumer industries, shopping centers, shops, etc.


We advise your company in order to anticipate potential problems and provide solutions and information that ensure a secure decision-making process on matters such as:


  • Structuring of Energy projects (in any segment);
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Advice on the operation and trading rules of the captive market, free energy market and short-term market (MCP);
  • Analysis of large-scale consumer contracts, proposing solutions for energy efficiency, diversifying supply sources, generating savings for the business and mitigating regulatory risks;
  • Structuring of centralized or distributed Generation projects;
  • Specialized tax advice on the electricity sector;
  • Self-production of electricity – structuring;
  • Auctions of concession or purchase and sale of energy;
  • Environmental licensing;
  • Assistance in the legal structuring of sustainable business, in the strategies for participation in the carbon credit market, and in the identification of opportunities through the obtainment or creation of sustainability seals;
  • Negotiation and contracting of renewable energy certificates, such as I-REC and carbon credits;
  • Grant issuance;
  • Dispute resolutions (Administrative, Judicial and Arbitration proceedings).


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