Real estate law supported by the structure of a law firm with over 70 years of experience.


Real estate business requires a solid foundation concerning legal matters. Professionals with multidisciplinary capabilities, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of notary and registry regulations are essential to this field. Demarest has been a part of landmark transactions and stands out for its excellence in the areas of Real Estate Law, including matters of Public, Regulatory and Administrative Law.


Whatever the business, clients have access to intersectorial and multidisciplinary advice on tax and corporate structuring, legal auditing, negotiation and financing of large real estate operations. Our specialized team is at your disposal – structured to meet any demand – and is able to provide assistance in all phases of any project: from the acquisition of property, real estate regularization and measures to obtain the necessary approvals for the project, to the financial structuring or implementation of capital market operations.


Some of our services:


  • Structuring of real estate business involving several types of transactions for urban or rural properties for different uses, with hybrid forms of governance and investments covering all legal aspects;
  • Administrative work involving notarial, registry and regulatory administrative processes before State Land Institutes, City Governments, the Brazilian Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA), the Brazilian Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) and state and municipal entities for protection of historical heritage, Offices of State and National Internal Affairs, the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office, other bodies and at all other levels, including advice on registration queries, adverse possession, rectifications and Urban Land Regularization (Reurb);
  • Structuring of projects for implementation of agribusiness, energy generation, infrastructure or urban development projects, with real estate developments, land allotments or condominiums, including assistance with regulatory, financing and trading measures;
  • Industry-specific advice on real estate aspects within the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aeronautical, ports, education and food sectors;
  • Real estate litigation to carry out expropriation proceedings, infrastructure projects, possessory claims or other related demands;
  • Acquisition, sale and lease of real estate through advice and assistance to individuals and legal entities;
  • Regularization of land, including coordination of the necessary technical work (environmental, topographic and geological work, for example) and administrative action before all regulatory bodies and at all levels;
  • Public and Administrative Contracts with advice and assistance to companies that intend to participate in bidding processes as well as public and private entities that need to organize them, including drafting of defenses and specific measures involving Public Law, in addition to legal opinions and advice on legislation.