Additional strength for an essential sector in continuous growth  

Agribusiness has increasingly drawn the attention of regulatory entities, investors and business partners. The sector has employed millions of people, and plays a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy balance of trade in Brazil, along with the inestimable potential for new businesses in several fields, from the production of foods to renewable energy sources. The highly dynamic and competitive landscape of agribusiness requires an innovative outlook on law.

Demarest has in-depth knowledge of the challenges and trends of this sector, which accounts for more than 25% of the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (PIB). We can assist you throughout the complete productive chain of agribusiness, on cases involving biotechnology, food security, state and federal regulations and biofuels.

In addition to a highly accomplished specialization, our full service practice enables the firm to attract qualified talent from several areas of law, especially when carrying out financial deals and mergers and acquisitions, through specific knowledge on regulatory, intellectual property, tax, real estate, litigation, environmental and ESG practices, in order to boost opportunities, protect assets and mitigate risks of your business.

We are capable of advising you on innovative topics that are essential to the success of agribusiness.