Trust the firm that has represented the largest players of the automotive industry.

Succeeding in the automotive business requires facing several challenges. On the one hand, the “just-in-time” management framework of the automotive sector requires great agility from companies. On the other, they must also carry out their best efforts to uphold continuous efficiency and innovation. Regardless of your company’s needs, our multidisciplinary team has the knowledge to address the numerous challenges posed by the automotive industry with legal certainty.

Demarest has long been known for advising some of the world’s largest companies in the sector and has been involved in numerous projects and changes throughout the sector’s entire production chain, without losing sight of the transformations that the profile of the consumer market has undergone, in addition to the various economic plans and new legislation throughout the decades. This combination of skills is what makes Demarest the right solution for your business.

Our clients have access to differentiated legal services in corporate and financial matters. Our partners and lawyers can proficiently provide legal advice on topics such as:

Operations, mergers and acquisitions within the automotive sector;

  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Joint venture agreements;
  • Research and development agreements;
  • Licensing and supply agreements;
  • Advice on tax and regulatory matters;
  • Wholesale and retail financing;
  • Captive financial services; and
  • Financing structures specific to the sector, including in the form of investment funds.