Our experience in working with government matters is widely known and highly regarded.

Trusting in an experienced and specialized Public and Regulatory Law team, to monitor a project from its initial phase through to its development and conclusion, makes all the difference. Especially when speed and security are paramount within the scope of governmental matters. Whether it is implementing or investing in new projects, or to maintain or regulate the development of activities, a highly prepared legal team is fundamental.

Our team of specialized professionals can assist your company in all regulated sectors, and across an extensive range of topics involving Public Law. Our lawyers are experienced in negotiations and interactions with public entities in general, including ministries, regulatory agencies, government departments and other management and control bodies. We monitor all legal updates on a daily basis (legislative and comparative case law) from such authorities in order to keep our clients updated and to identify all potential impacts of such changes to the sector.

Demarest can render its legal services all over the country, through a carefully selected network of legal correspondents. We can advise your company on a variety of matters and topics involving Public and Regulatory Law, including:

1. Specialized assistance and regulatory analyses in the most complex sectors of the economy;
2. Advice on establishing strategic partnerships with government entities;
3. Specialized assistance on government relations, employing vast experience managing the legal frameworks specific to public procurement, infrastructure projects, budget laws, public finance and government guarantees;
4. Assistance with negotiation, management and claims involving contracts with different government entities;
5. Support with participation in public bids, as well as routine measures to comply with administrative and regulatory requirements aimed at ensuring maintenance of operations and fulfillment of contractual and regulatory obligations;
6. Assistance with complex administrative proceedings before regulatory agencies, control authorities, Audit Courts etc.;
7. Specialized assistance in the analysis of authorizations, certificates and licenses that are mandatory and essential for carrying out company activities;
8. Carrying out of different types of business, such as mergers and acquisitions, opening or expansion of companies, changes in industrial facilities, Joint Ventures and foreign investments in regulated areas, especially regarding pharmaceuticals, food and chemical sectors;
9. Assistance on matters and topics involving urban development, including matters related to zoning, urban operations and environmental laws;
10. Acting in punitive and investigative administrative proceedings before regulatory authorities and control agencies;
11. Assistance on matters related to professional ethics in various sectors under professional entities.