Innovate in the startups market with the firm that innovates in the world of law

Companies that want to change the paradigms of the business world and attract investors need the assistance of those who understand the importance of adapting with the necessary agility. Demarest has transformed the legal landscape by participating in major national and international cases through multidisciplinary actions involving lawyers from all areas. After all, the legal landscape needs to keep up with the disruptive reality.

An example of how we have adapted to the startup universe is the launch of DISRUPT, an initiative ahead of its time. Through a structure designed to fully meet the demands of the segment– and connected to business incubators, hubs, accelerators, investors, and above all, capable of guiding new business models in a creative and agile way–, we have developed a direct connection with one of the main driving forces of our era’s development:

How can DISRUPT help your company?

  • Advice to the entrepreneur on choosing the most appropriate corporate structure for the company to be incorporated;
  • Assistance in the choice of the investment capture format capable of maximizing its usefulness;
  • Advice on banking matters, especially to fintechs;
  • Guidance regarding the taxation model, with direct impact on the pricing of the product or service and the distribution of results to partners and investors;
  • Assessment of labor issues in order to determine the best system for hiring employees, considering costs and labor and social security risks;
  • Drafting contracts that establish more reliable and predictable relationships with suppliers, business partners, and users, as well as contribute to good governance, which is a decisive factor in attracting the attention of investors;
  • Development of compliance programs, in order to prevent and control risks related to corruption;
  • Guidance on the protection of brands and creations , through analysis of issues involving Intellectual Property and adaptation of communication channels, as well as products and services under the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD);
  • Advice on Consumer Law;
  • Performing due diligence in preparation for investment rounds;
  • Advice to startups and investors regarding any and all legal matters, using our full-service firm structure.




Demarest + SMU Investimentos

We have a partnership with SMU Investimentos, the first Investment Crowdfunding platform in Brazil, which helps Startups to access investment opportunities in an intelligent way and for investors to identify Startups with the greatest market potential, diversifying their investments with the best offers.

SMU is the first and largest crowdfunding platform in Brazil. It is duly registered with the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and played a fundamental role in the preparation of CVM Instruction 588, which regulates investment crowdfunding. SMU has raised more than BRL30 million for more than 20 Startups, with investors in all states of Brazil.

To learn more about legal and business advisory opportunities, apply now your startup to the Demarest + SMU Investimentos program now.