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Ministry of Labor and Employment requests that transparency report published in advance be disregarded

March 18th, 2024

On March 15, the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE) released a news report on its website announcing that companies should wait for the version of the Salary Transparency and Remuneration Criteria Report to be published on the March 21, 2024, via the Emprega Brasil portal, three days later than the previously announced date (March 18).

According to the MTE, any reports or information released before this date should be disregarded, given that the reports have not been concluded yet.

The MTE did not provide further clarification, nor did it expressly refer to the portal, from which it was possible, last Friday, to extract reports based on the companies’ Corporate Taxpayer Number (CNPJ).

Therefore, companies must not publish reports that have not originated from the Emprega Brasil portal as of March 21, it is our understanding that the report released last Friday can serve as a reference to the upcoming official report.

Demarest’s Labor and Employment team is available to provide any further information and assistance that may be necessary.